The Runway is Running Towards GREENER Pastures

Going GREEN? The trendy environmental movement has been sweeping the global community for the past few years. While at first environmentalists were pushing for Prius’ over Escalades, and organic cleaning products as an alternative to toxic surface scrubbers, a new industry has taken hold of this shift…the fashion industry!

Yes, the fashion industry: the upper crust, magical, luxurious, dream-like world is going green too, and in more ways then one. A new project called, Runway to Green, launched this March and has brought in fashions top guns to generate attention. Jason Wu, Stella McCartney, Tommy Hilfiger, are only three of the major designers who volunteered to showcase some of their green designs for a runway show which raises money for environmental awareness.

How can designers go green overnight? Well, they can’t. It is a gradual process and the Runway to Green project is just a starting step. Before major change can happen designers must understand and embrace changes that they must make as a company. Similarly, consumers must realize and support possible price escalations and product defects.

Is bamboo more GREEN than cotton? Is “insect” dye a “natural” dye; which is better for an ecosystem? How can packaging size be decreased without creating potential damage to a product being shipped? Is it more expensive to use ocean-shipping containers instead of airplanes? These are only some of the questions that need to be answered and considered by our most beloved designers.

While designers are trying to reduce their carbon footprint consumers must decide if they will “buy” into this GREEN future. What does going GREEN mean to you? Do you want to run ahead to greener pastures or keep your feet planted in the concrete jungle?

By: Cassie Strum


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