In a move exemplifying social media’s place in our current culture, Marc Jacobs and his newly appointed creative directors, Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley, have chosen to cast the 2014 Marc by Marc campaign through Twitter and Instagram.

The new face of the Fall 2014 campaign will be scouted exclusively through social media via submissions using the hashtag #CastMeMarc. As you might expect, submissions are rolling in fast and run the gamut from artistic selfies to professional head shots, to the truly terrible.

This isn’t the first time Marc Jacobs has chosen to do something unique, out of the box, and slightly controversial for a campaign. Remember when Victoria Beckham’s slim, tanned legs dangled out of a Marc Jacobs shopping bag? Or how about choosing Miss Miley Cyrus as the face of your campaign.

Social Media is particularly having a moment with the Marc Jacobs team.  Only a few months ago they debuted a pop-up shop during New York Fashion Week, and the only forms of currency accepted were Tweets, Instagram Pics and #Hashtags.  This fierce social media push in 2014 seems to be a very real effort to keep the brand hip, cool, and relevant, and it appears to be working.

Check out some of the submissions so far:

filarnach.jpg.r.nocrop.w610.h610 sabrina_100.jpg.r.nocrop.w610.h610 marc-by-marc-twitter-casting-faveena.jpg.r.nocrop.w610.h610 marc-by-marc-twitter-casting-brielle_music.jpg.r.nocrop.w610.h610 marc-by-marc-twitter-casting-lawsophia.jpg.r.nocrop.w610.h610 marc-by-marc-twitter-casting-igmurillo.jpg.r.nocrop.w610.h610 marc-by-marc-twitter-casting-joshuacrews.jpg.r.nocrop.w610.h610 marc-by-marc-twitter-casting-mellz.jpg.r.nocrop.w610.h610 marc-by-marc-twitter-casting-rduarte022.jpg.r.nocrop.w610.h610 marc-by-marc-twitter-casting-wearewildcat.jpg.r.nocrop.w610.h610


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