10 Signs You’re in Fashion PR

1) Your fashion magazine subscription is out of control

Your client was mentioned in Harper’s Bazaar, so obviously you need both covers.

2) You stress because there aren’t enough men’s fashion magazines

Seriously?! What is up with that?

3) The extra office space looks like a small showroom

“Where’s that jacket that Nylon used for the shoot last week? Did you actually manage to put it in the closet?!”

4) All black clothing is more than just a uniform. It is now your constant go-to

Who says you can’t slay in all black? There is a world of slayage potential.

5) Purusing JustJared and US Weekly are no longer guilty pleasures but necessities.

Celebrate your now guiltless celebrity addictions. You need to stay current. FOR SCIENCE.

6) Vogue desk-side day is your Christmas

“O.M.G. Do you think SHE will be there?!”

7) Finally getting a reply from that editor that has gone dark is worthy of fireworks

Almost makes you feel like Queen Bey.

8) Fashion week is when your inbox becomes a war-zone

Reading that email asking to RSVP for a show that happened last week.

9) Running in heels is your cardio

You’re basically the Michelle Jenneke of the office ANYWAY.

10) Checking social media went from casual obsession to compulsive necessity

Speaking in 140 characters or less should count as another language #JustSaying



By: Rachel Oliva-Valdes



If you’re in the market for a New York PR Agency to handle your next campaign, please contact AMP3 PR at 646-827-9594 or email us at info@amp3pr.com.


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